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Improvement of SEO

Use FIDCAR reviews to improve your local SEO.

By integrating your FIDCAR reviews into your website, Google will take them into account and improve your local SEO.

The FIDCAR rating will show up in your Google search results for your website thanks to rich snippets. You will directly increase your clickthrough rates and reinsure your prospects.

Displaying your FIDCAR rating

Highlight your rating and review on your website.

FIDCAR widgets allow you to easily display your rating on your website and communicate on the customer satisfaction of your point of sale.

With the FIDCAR API, you can retrieve the notes and notices to display them on your site to your graphic charter.

Enhanced presence on Google

Occupy the field in Google query results.

With FIDCAR you will be able to display your notes and opinions in your Google My Business Box.

FIDCAR systematically rejects a local page about you in search results about you and take the place of your competitors.

Increase your Google and Facebook ratings

Improve your ratings on Facebook and Google too.

FIDCAR allows you to directly improve your ratings on the most influential sites of the web.

FIDCAR will analyze in real time your rating on Google and Facebook to boost the media where your e-reputation is the worst.