Collect your customer reviews

Sending an opinion form

Do not suffer any more spontaneous customer reviews.

FIDCAR automatically solicits all your VN, VO, After-sales and short-term rental customers by sending, by e-mail or SMS, a request for an opinion on the lived experience.

Positioned as an independent trusted third party, FIDCAR follows the AFNOR NF Z74-501 standard on consumer online reviews.

Reception of quality surveys

Integrate the FIDCAR rating collection into your customer journey.

Your customers are invited to answer questions adapted to their experience and to express themselves on many themes (reception, delivery, quality, etc ...).

FIDCAR becomes a real space of expression for your customers which will reassure your prospects.

Negative warning alert

Do not let your unsatisfied customers go unanswered and congratulate your promoters.

FIDCAR alerts you when a negative opinion has been written. You set your own alert threshold and you have three days to respond to your client before posting the notice.

You can solve the problems of your dissatisfied customers, and respond to all your customers publicly.

Customer satisfaction management

Follow in real time the performance of all your points of sale.

Visualize the evolution of your customer satisfaction and your Net Promoter Score. Whether you have 1, 100 or 1000 outlets, you can analyze everything from FIDCAR.

Compare the performances of your establishments and identify the services (Purchase VN, VO purchase, after-sales and short-term rental) where the quality of service needs to be improved.