Check all your opinions

Centralization of all your opinions

Increase efficiency by finding all your opinions in one interface.

FIDCAR monitors and centralizes in real time the opinions published on the main generalist sites (Google, Facebook, ...).

Whether you have 1, 100 or 1000 retail outlets, you can track all of your customers' feedback from your FIDCAR platform.

Alert for all your opinions

Do not miss out on any negative opinions about you.

We will automatically alert you by email and notification when you receive new negative customer reviews.

You choose the people in your organization who can receive them.

Respond to Google and Facebook reviews

Respond to all your customers and prospects who are talking to you.

FIDCAR allows you to respond in one interface to all your Google and Facebook reviews whether you are one or more outlets.

Track your e-reputation everywhere.

Make your e-reputation part of your performance.

FIDCAR allows you to instantly analyze the evolution of your notes by website (Google, Facebook, etc ...).

Calculate your NPS and compare your points of sale with each other.