Develop your business

Lead Generation

Increase your sales opportunities.

FIDCAR queries all your after-sales customers and allows you to directly generate intentional leads for VO, VN and takeover purchases.

You are automatically alerted as well as your salespeople or your call center.

Contribution of web traffic

Increase your clickthrough rates with your customer reviews.

FIDCAR offers a public page for each of your points of sale where we find all your customer reviews, the institution's notes and contact information.

This page allows you to redirect users to your home through the action buttons: Workshop Appointment, Recovery Estimate, Test Request and a referenced link to your website.

Data enrichment

Enrich your customer knowledge.

Through notes, notices, or vehicle purchase requests, FIDCAR provides you with all the data collected to better know your customers.

You can easily identify your promoters and detractors to set up targeted marketing actions.

Data integration

Integrate your customer data into all your systems.

FIDCAR allows you to search and retrieve all customer data that can be transmitted to your third party systems (Call center, CRM, DMP, etc ...).

These data are exportable or accessible via our API.