Terms of Sales :

1.1 Version of 01 / 02 / 2017


Any use of the FIDCAR solution implies the unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the Customer.

The General Conditions may be modified at any time by the company FIDCAR. A version number and an update date are indicated according to the law in force.

1. Definitions:

Reviews : rating, assessment or comment given by a Consumer / Internet user on the quality of the service performed at a car professional and at his point of sale.

FIDCAR certificate : Web page indexed by Google and / or other search engines, specific to each Client, on which is displayed all Opinions. This page can be accessed by clicking on the Widget or by clicking on the URL of the said web page referenced by the search engine.

Contact Base : All personal data and consumer information provided by the Customer to FIDCAR as part of the use of the solution.

Clients : The Clients are the natural and legal persons who subscribe to the FIDCAR solution in order to control the Opinions on their services and point of sale.

Terms or conditions of use : conditions applicable to any person issuing a Notice, browsing the website or subscribing to the FIDCAR solution.

Order : The order is the moment when the Customer agrees with FIDCAR, in accordance with these general conditions of service (CGP), and validates a subscription to the FIDCAR solution.

consumers : Anyone who has benefited from a service from a Customer and is therefore eligible to send a request for an Opinion.

Personal data : data which, within the meaning of the Data Protection Act of January 6 1978 (modified by the decree of 4 November 1991 and by the law of 6 August 2004 transposing the directive 95 / 46 / CE), allow to designate or identify , directly or indirectly, a natural person.

Professionals : web interface reserved for FIDCAR Clients to access the various functionalities of its solution (notably reception of the Opinions, response to their Opinions, access to statistics, widgets ...). The Customer must connect to his account created during his registration, using a username and password.

Point of sale : Business entity that defines the Customer of the FIDCAR solution. This is a physical site with a mailing address attached to a SIRET. An outlet can not offer the same service twice.

FIDCAR Widget : computer element that appears on the Customer's site if the latter so wishes. It displays the overall satisfaction score of the Consumers constituted by all the scores awarded by them.

2. Purpose of the agreement:

FIDCAR is a Simplified Joint Stock Company registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number B 827 652 678.

It is the operating company site which aims to provide automotive professionals, customers of its FIDCAR solution, a tool for managing consumer reviews and improving their SEO.

These General Terms and Conditions specify the terms of subscription to the offer proposed by FIDCAR and the details of the partnership between the company FIDCAR and the customers of the FIDCAR solution. They are also intended to define the conditions relating to the implementation of the FIDCAR solution with the Clients.

3. Subscription date and duration of the agreement:

To benefit from the services of FIDCAR, the Customer must register via the website and provide information about his company. This information can be modified at any time. They must be honest and accurate. Registration with FIDCAR implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The subscription to the FIDCAR subscription takes effect at the time of the validation of the order. Payment is made on the date of subscription of the order on a monthly or annual basis according to the arrangements made by the Customer.

The monthly subscription is for a commitment of one month renewable by tacit renewal for a new period of one month unless the Customer does not register directly from his account, until the actual renewal of his subscription or n ' send a request for non-renewal by email to Every month started is from.

The annual subscription is for a commitment of one year renewable by tacit agreement for a new period of one year unless the Client does not send to FIDCAR by mail to the address 16 place des Vosges - 75004 PARIS or by mail to a request for non-renewal within a minimum period of 60 days before the expiry date of the subscription.

4. Consumer and email data:

Consumer data, including contact e-mail, is provided by the customer. The customer must obtain the agreement of the consumer to use and transmit his e-mail address (optin).

No other form of contact than Avis collection will be undertaken by the company FIDCAR with the Consumers, except in the following cases:

5. FIDCAR logo and Widget:

Throughout the duration of subscription to the FIDCAR solution, the Customer has the possibility (it is even quite advisable) to display the FIDCAR widget including the FIDCAR logo. This widget is customizable (color and size) according to the desire of the Customer within the limits of what is proposed on the Customer's Pro Space. The positioning, single or multiple, of this (these) widget (s) on the page is at the discretion of the Customer. The Customer acknowledges the ownership of the FIDCAR logo / brand, and any related slogan. By registration the Customer has a non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to use these different elements. It is not possible for the Customer to change the appearance of the widget provided by FIDCAR.

6. Subscription fees and subscriptions:

Rates shown off-tax are available on request from the FIDCAR team. From the day of subscription to the FIDCAR subscription all subscription fees are due. The direct debits are either SEPA debits for which the Client gives a mandate to the FIDCAR company or bank debits following the registration of the Client's bank details on the website An invoice and a VAT receipt are automatically generated following the withdrawal.

In the event that the Client does not respect its payment obligations, the company FIDCAR will be entitled to suspend the services offered and access to the Pro Space.

The subscription is made and is counted at a point of sale. If some Customers have several points of sale (Group, Plate, Brand), the FIDCAR solution allows to visualize a consolidated vision according to the rights given to different users.

7. Customer's personal data:

The Customer is informed that he can provide personal data to proceed with his registration as a member.

They are intended for internal use of the service, in particular to validate registration. The FIDCAR solution uses the e-mail address of the Clients in order to send them an e-mail confirming their registration, certain notifications (notes, comments ...), and in order to answer their questions. In addition, the FIDCAR solution uses their e-mail address to send their newsletter and / or to send offers that may interest them, only if they have authorized it. Customers may terminate these shipments at any time by clicking on the link at the end of each e-mail.

8. Free trial offer without commitment:

Some Customers may benefit from a free trial offer without commitment of the FIDCAR solution.

For this the Customer must register online on the site then enter the promotional code he has received. This code must be entered in the corresponding space to activate the FIDCAR solution and all the other tabs necessary for the collection of Avis. At the end of the trial period, billing will begin unless the Customer terminates his subscription.

9. Provision of the FIDCAR solution:

The company FIDCAR undertakes to communicate all the information necessary for the implementation of its FIDCAR solution and to answer any request for information from the Customer.

FIDCAR undertakes to ensure the technical maintenance of its FIDCAR solution and to intervene in the shortest possible time to remedy any malfunction reported by the Customer or found by its teams.

10. Moderation:

The overall satisfaction score collected by Point of Sale for a Customer is shown on a scale from 1 to 10.

The FIDCAR solution calculates for the Customer the Net Promoter Score of each Point of Sale from these notes.

The Customer has the option of setting the appropriate threshold as a warning threshold. Any note falling below this alert threshold will cause the Customer to be notified by email and on his Pro Area that a negative Opinion has been given by a Consumer.

Each point of sale can send a single response to the discontented Consumer and attempt to resolve the object of the dissatisfaction. This response from the Customer to the Consumer is made public on the page that lists all notices after three days. Thus, when the Customer has set an alert system for Negative Advisories (based on a rating level), the message first goes into retention before being posted. Customer has three days to respond before this message is visible to users.

The Consumer will receive an email announcing that a response to his Opinion has been posted.

The company FIDCAR does not intervene at any time in the commercial relationship that can be maintained through its platform. Any dispute between a Customer Point of Sale and a Consumer following the collection of a Notice engages only these two actors.

11. Continuity of the solution:

The company FIDCAR is committed to ensuring the continuity of its services by all means. However, these services operate from a complex technical system that some parameters related to the resources of the Internet can escape its control.

The Customer declares that certain failures and slowdowns may make the connection impossible, that the company FIDCAR can not guarantee permanent access to its site and can not be held responsible for certain technical disturbances.

The company FIDCAR reserves the right to suspend the global access to its site and its services for reasons of security or maintenance. In the event of a recognized security breach that would endanger Customer contact lists in particular, FIDCAR will authorize itself to close its site without prior notice to preserve Consumer information and Customer information. In this case, the Customer can not make any claim of any kind, can not claim compensation and can not bring into play the responsibility of the company FIDCAR.

The computer configuration of the Customer is his sole responsibility.

12. Process of collecting and identifying notices:

Each Opinion collected is directly linked to an author who can be contacted via his email address.

The FIDCAR solution is primarily based on the principle of collecting post-order notices (solicited) related to a service and a point of sale. The Consumers contacted to write these Opinions come from the Contact Base provided by the Point of Sale. This Contacts database can be transmitted to the FIDCAR solution via a manual extraction or automatically. It is the responsibility of the Customer. The frequency of transmission of the Contact Base is chosen by the Point of Sale.

FIDCAR undertakes not to select Consumers according to any criteria.

FIDCAR is a trusted third party. It guarantees a total transparency towards Customers and Consumers. It undertakes to transmit and publish the Consumer Opinions as it collects them, with the exception of any mention or declaration of an illegal or unlawful nature.

The company FIDCAR reminds that the contents of the comments are subject to the laws and regulations in force.

All illicit, anti-Semitic, sexist, racist, defamatory, infringing the privacy of an individual, reproducing private and confidential exchanges, denying copyright, will be censured as soon as possible by the FIDCAR team and reported to the relevant authorities.

The purpose of the moderation is to make sure that the content collected is in accordance with French law and the General Conditions of Use of the site in order to publish, reject or delete this content. The company FIDCAR uses a human moderation a priori.